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The following questions were the most frequent questions asked by parents of children with hypospadias who attended the Hypospadias Centre in Frankfurt, Germany for consultation and surgery. In the Hypospadias Centre, about 45 -50 hypospadias operations are performed every month (more than 500 hypospadias operation every year). The answers describe Professor Hadidi´s approach in the management of Hypospadias.

For individual questions and appointments and to ensure that the examination and the operation is done personally by Prof. Hadidi please send an email to:


Or call:  +49 - 174 - 20 56 905) between 18-20:00 h Monday to Friday (German Local Time).

Fax: 0049 (0) 6182 843 02 93

General Questions:

  1. Is it possible to diagnose hypospadias during pregnancy and is that an indication for abortion?
  2. I have already a child with hypospadias. How high are the chances that also the second child will be born with hypospadias?
  3. What is the incidence of hypospadias?
  4. When should we seek medical advice?
  5. Which specialist should we contact? A pediatric surgeon, pediatric urologist or plastic surgeon?
  6. How can I identify the severity of hypospadias of my child?
  7. Is an operation necessary?
  8. Will my son´s penis function "normal" after hypospadias-operation?
  9. Will he function as a "normal" man later on when he grows up?
  10. Can the hypospadias operation affect or damage erection, ejaculation or sexual function?
  11. Will my son´s penis look "normal" after hypospadias-operation?
  12. Is the size of my son´s penis normal?

Questions regarding surgery for hypospadias correction:

  1. Does Professor Hadidi personally operate on  public patients as well or only private patients?
  2. What is the procedure for patients from countries other than Germany, who would like Professor Hadidi to operate on their son?
  3. When should the hypospadias-operation be performed?
  4. Should we do any tests before surgery?
  5. When should we do chromosomal analysis (tests)?
  6. Should my son receive hormonal treatment before the hypospadias-operation?
  7. Is vaccination a contra-indication for surgery?
  8. If my son develops running nose, diarrhea, cough, fever before surgery, does this affect the operation?
  9. How long does my child have to stay in hospital?
  10. Does my child have to be bed ridden or can he move around after the hypospadias-operation?
  11. How long should the dressing remain on the wound?
  12. How long should the catheter remain in penis?
  13. Will my son receive medications after surgery?
  14. How can I clean my son after surgery? When can he take a shower?
  15. When can my son sit in the bath tub or swim or play sport?
  16. When can my son go back to kindergarden?
  17. Can my son use pampers after surgery? Are there any precautions?
  18. Are there any precautions when my son travels by car. How about the seat belt?
  19. Which techniques are preferred for hypospadias-repair?
  20. I have noticed that the Tubularised Incised Plate (TIP)  technique (sometimes known also as "Snodgrass-Technique") is NOT in the algorithm of operations performed in the hypospadias center, why?
  21. What is the preferred technique for glanular Hypospadias (Grade I)?
  22. What is the preferred technique for Perineal Hypospadias (Grade IV)?
  23. What is chordee? Are there different types? Does this affect surgery? If the penis is curved, how would it be corrected, is this necessary and when?
  24. What is "Nesbit-Procedure" and when should it be performed?
  25. What happens to the foreskin at the end of the operation?
  26. Why you do NOT recommend or do NOT perform the TIP technique although many surgeons are still doing it?
  27. After I leave the hospital, when should I be worried and call the surgeon?
  28. After I leave the hospital, When should I go to my routine pediatrician?
  29. If my son develops fever after hospital discharge, is this related to the hypospadias operation?
  30. What happens with the sutures and threads after surgery? Do they need to be removed?
  31. I have noticed that my son penis became red 3-4 weeks after hospital discharge and he has some pain when he passess urine is this normal?
  32. How long does it take for the hypospadias repair to heal and what are the precautions?
  33. Will the new urethra grow normally with the penis as my son grows?
  34. When should post operative examinations take place and for how long?

Questions regarding complications of hypospadias surgery:

  1. What is a fistula, does this require surgical correction?
  2. My son developed a fistula after surgery. Does this mean that the operation was not successful? Does my son need to have the whole operation done again? How can we increase the chances of success after the second surgery?  Can it come back after surgery and why?
  3. What does a stenosis mean, does this require surgical correction?

Questions regarding correction of the foreskin:

  1. What are the possibilities and how?
  2. Why should not my son have the forskin reconstructed at the same operation with the hypospadias correction?
  3. Why you do not recommend that my son be circumcised during the hypospadias operation?
  4. What are the precautions after the foreskin operation?

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